Premium USA-Made Solid wood Flag Document Case Black Finish

Premium USA-Made Solid wood Flag Document Case Black Finish, display an 8.5 X 11 certificate

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Flag and Certificate Case - Black Frame-American Made by veterans

Premium USA-Made Solid wood Flag And Document Case Black Finish 

Flag display cases with certificate holder

In this day and age, politics is a very heated subject, with strong opinions on both sides. It seems as though we cannot come together on very many issues when the topic of how to run our country is brought up. It is extremely evident, however, that we can all agree on at least one thing. Our servicemen and women deserve to be honored to the highest degree. That is what we help to do.
It is not uncommon for our government to show the respect and honor due to our soldiers by presenting them with flags, medals, and certificates.
In this instance, our Flag and Certificate Case is specially designed to proudly display either a folded 3 X 5 American flag or a 5 X 9.5 American flag (burial flag). It also has room to prominently display an 8.5 X 11 certificate. Often times, when a flag is presented to honor a veteran, a certificate of authenticity is given. Our flag case is designed to make that certificate feature as prominently as the flag. The case also has room enough to include medals in your display, if you so desire.
Our flag and certificate case is made with real wood, with a clear plexiglass front , boarded back, which enables any displayed medals to stand out. It comes in two specific sizes. The smaller of the two has the dimensions 26 1/8 X 20 ¾ X 1 9/16. This size will accommodate the regular 3 x 5 sized flag. For the larger burial flag, we have enlarged the dimensions to 26 x 30 x 3