I purchased a Flag Display Case and Pedestal for my nephew. It was well-received and will probably become a travelling companion on his journeys, rather than a display in his home. That’s what he told me… he’s using it as some sort of vision board.

Sara Stephenson


There is a reason that this product is so popular. It functions exactly as promised and highlights a brilliant cause. I love it and I’ll be shopping with you some more.

Roderick Reeves



I cannot say anything better about this burial flag case. Its a very neat flag display case. I ordered this case 3 days before the burial service and I got it on time with no problems. It came in great condition nothing damaged.


Very well constructed, nice product. Wish it came in the dark cherry. The displayed item on the website is a little darker than received. But product is top quality!!

Jim Makson


I browsed local stores as well as online for a flag case and am very satisfied with my purchase. I love the construction and finish.  Thank you once again for such an esteemed burial box for a cherished friend.

Jennifer Mayes


Worthy of your loved one's flag - so much more than expected

This flag case is so very formal, just like the ceremony in which my dad's flag was presented to me at his graveside service. The folded flag fits inside perfectly, which is good, because in no way would I ever unfold it for any reason - not after that ceremony. This case had a base to it, which gives it a classic look. My dad would be so proud!