Personalized Flag Display Case

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Military Flag Display Cases - personalized flag display case

Those who serve or have made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom and their families deserve only the finest quality. Families looking to honor military veterans, newly graduated officers, recently enlisted service members or honor the memory of a fallen loved one often look for a special way to commemorate them.

A handcrafted flag display case, American flag frame or Military Flag Display cases make the ideal gift or memorial. Flag Connections has a large collection of cases for all branches of the military including a personalized American Laser Engraved Flag Case.

These cases are made from quality materials by veterans to honor those who have also served the United States whether in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps or Coast Guard. The cases are created to last for generations so that they may be handed down through the years. A custom American Laser Engraved Flag case makes the display even more special by adding a loved ones' personalized information.

An American flag frame or display case will protect the flag from elements that will cause the fabric to deteriorate. Temperature, humidity, pests and air pollutants can all cause damage to textiles over time. The flag display case is available in a variety of sizes including for 5X9.5, 3X5, 4X6 and 5X8 flags. The large flag display case is designed especially for the burial or casket flags. Ceremonial flags come in three sizes and will fit perfectly in the appropriate sized case. Safely enclosed and protected, the flag will become a treasured family heirloom.

The Military Flag Display cases and frames come in a choice of the finest wood finishes. These include cherry, mahogany, walnut and oak. With so many options there is finish to suit any decor or style. The display case makes the perfect addition to the wall of an office, family room or living room. The flag cases allow for easy installation to respectfully display it and show its beauty. Cases can be purchased that also frame medals and certificates.

These stunning pieces are handmade in America by veterans who understand the importance of preserving the symbols of the sacrifices of our service men and women and their families. The display cases and frames from Flags Connections have timeless beauty and hold treasured memories for service members and their families. Military Flag Display cases are a beautiful way to honor a loved one serving the country, memorialize a fallen member of the military or simply say thank you.

The personalized flag display caseis from the company that was honored to be selected to provide the flag case for President Ronald Regan’s burial flag.