Military Award Shadow Box with Display Case for 5x9.5ft Flag

Military Award Shadow Box with Display Case

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Felt display area available in blue, black, or red. Select your preferred color above.

For Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, law enforcement, others.

Hand crafted with solid mahogany wood for beauty and durability. Solid mahogany structure with no laminates, veneers, or particle boards. Displays 5x9.5 ft. flag.

Please note that this is NOT THE MEMORIAL (BURIAL) FLAG. Large display area.

Crystal clear, shatter-proof Plexiglas panels that are 10 times stronger than glass yet 50 percent lighter.

Superior conservation of your medals and flags. Plexiglas panels have ultraviolet protection that is 1.7 times more effective than that of glass.

Finished with a fine lacquer for protection of the wood and a lasting luster. Velvet backing. Easy access through the back for placement of your flag and insignia.

Beautiful addition to your home or office. Place it on a desk or shelf. Items in case not included. Flag available separately.


Dimensions: 23.5 in. wide, 18.5 in. high, 2.5 in. deep. Plenty of space for your engraved plate! It is Hand Made by veterans. American Made for American Heroes. Fast shipping with secure buy.


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