Marine Corps 2 Flag Shadow Box/Display Case.

Marine Corps 2 Flag Shadow Box/Display Case.

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Marine Corps 2 Flag Shadow Box/Display Case

Veterans of the United States Marine Corps are decorated and celebrated for their service to our country, as they should be. To serve in the military, in whatever capacity, takes a level of courage and a self-sacrifice that not many people can achieve. Military service is a service well worth honoring.

If you have a loved one who has served in the Marine Corps, chances are you have a drawer somewhere that contains medals, badges, certificates and other commendations. You’re likely to have a flag on the top shelf of a closet somewhere, yearning to be displayed properly. If that is the case, you’ve found the exact display case for your needs.

The Marine Corps 2 Flag Shadow Box/Display Case is the one display piece that will hold everything you want to display, and will do so with the class and style your veteran deserves. This case holds 2 flags—an American flag and either an Marine Corps flag or a State flag. It also has ample space for other medals and commendations to be displayed along with them.

The case is custom made, and comes with a variety of choices regarding its design and construction. It’s available in Red Oak, Walnut or Cherry wood and comes with your choice of a red, black, blue or green background. Flags come in various sizes, and are given to veterans and their families for various reasons and occasions. This case can hold two 3x5 flags or the large 5x9.5 burial flags. The outside dimensions of the case for the 2 flag and medal display version are 22”x26”x3”.