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Knife Display Case.

  • $199.00

Knife Display Case, Knife shadow box 

The Knife Display Frame will be a great way to display any Military Knife, or recreational knife,

The Knife frame is all hand made in the USA, and made out of the best wood and craftsmanship.

We take pride in any Knife display that we manufacture.

Our Knife Displays have a protective glass in the front of the case, in order to protect your knife.

Our Knife Frames have room to present your knife in addition to a military medals, and a small photo

Our Knife shadow case is made out of Solid Hardwood

Our Knife Shadow frames comes with Glass Front Laminate Panel Back w/ Hanger

And you can add Personalized Laser Engraving to the knife frame

You can add Embossed Emblem to the military knife case

So if you are looking to present any military knife, or if you are looking for a great gift for any military personal, hunter, service person, or any collector – our Knife frame will be perfect 

Dimensions: 16W x 12H x 2.25 D