Flags Connections Flag and Medal Display Cases - High Quality

Flags Connections Flag and Medal Display Cases - High Quality

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The Flag and medal display cases is the ultimate tribute to commemorate your Veterans service to our country. Perfect to honor our distinguished military service members, veteran heroes and other uniformed heroes as police officers and firefighters. This flag case has the Great Seal of the United States embossed on elegant beveled glass.

If you would like in addition , you can select a service specific brass medallion or an etched specialty colored medallion for an additional fee. This Presidential Flag Case features a hinged lid, a solid wood finished back panel, concealed magnetic closure and a dust seal to preserve your flag.

This unique Flag and medal display cases  adds beauty and compliments your Presidential flag case perfectly. Use it to proudly display awards, medals and memorabilia. It features a glass front, black Velcro™ friendly insert including Velcro™ tape and instructions for easy mounting of memorabilia. It opens from the back with turn-button closures.


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