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Flag Display Case with Certificate & Document Holder Frame

  • $191.99

  • Product Description All-in-one Flag and Memorabilia display case holds the standard 3' x 5' flag with attached display case to proudly display all your treasured awards and memorabilia. The display case has a glass front. Easy access from the back. You can put it on a table or hang it on the wall. 2 Hole on back for to hang on wall. Guarantee quality is as good as appear on picture if not better.
  • Shadow Box for to give welcome home hero! Retired Military, Promote, Police Officers, Flag Raising Ceremony, Flag Folding Ceremony
  • Flag Case and certificate holder for overseas mission in IRAQ, Afghanistan all honored missions Military, Police, DoD Civilians, Military Suppliers, American Flag Raising Ceremony.
  • American Flag holder Memorial, Honor, Retirement, Excellent Missions, Overseas Heroes.
  • Crafted from premium Walnut. Dimensions of Shadow Box 24x12x5. They All come with box and well packed. FLAG NOT INCLUDE!
Barcode: 659821199419