Flag Display Case Shadow Box Frame for 3'X5' Flown Flag (Not for a Casket Draped Flag) Mahogany Finish....

  • $166.00

All-in-one Memorabilia and American flag display case holds the standard 3' x 5' flag with attached display case to proudly display all your treasured awards and memorabilia. The display case has a glass front. Easy access from the back. You can put it on a table or hang it on the wall. Velcro-friendly backing for easy mounting of memorabilia. Foam under the backing felt for pins to push in. Guarantee quality is as good as appear on picture if not better. Dimensions: 20.75"H X 15.75"W X 3.25"D Weight (net): 8 lbs Interior:: Flag Display area: 13"W X 6.5"H. Base to top, sides: 9". Interior of shadow box (bottom part) is 11"H X 14"WX1.5"D.

Barcode: 665355194905