Flag and Medal Display Case.

Flag and Medal Display Case.

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Flag and Medal Display Case

Burial flags and medals are cherished symbols of love. They represent the affection and patriotism of your loved ones. People take great pride in displaying and protecting such mementos. And for these people, we have this simple yet stately Flag case at Flag Connections. 

This superior quality flag case is designed to be simple and yet send a powerful message. Our Flag and medal display case is made in the USA with genuine cherry wood with black lining on the inside. This design guarantees an impactful result  In fact, the entire look of our flag case ensures that maximum attention goes to the medals and flag. Instead of overpowering your cherished trophies, this flag case complements them. 

The flag frame will properly display and emphasize the national flag as it deserves. The flag and medal display case will also provide ample attention to each individual medal due to the dignified yet simple black background. The flag frame will be able to elegantly exhibit a flag of size 3’ by 5’. You can also proudly display a burial flag of the size 5x9.5 feet in the flag frame. 

With our flag and medal display case, your symbols of pride will remain well protected and beautifully displayed, just as they deserve. Patriotic trophies like medals and burial flags deserve to be displayed in our regal and imposing flag case. Don’t take the risk of storing them in a cheap and mediocre flag and medal display case.