Army 2 Flag Shadow case, 2 Flag Army flag display case.

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Army 2 Flag Shadow case

2 Flag Army flag display case

This case displays 2 flags, a USA flag with either Army or state flags, and provides a good amount of space for your memorabilia.

This case is available in either Red Oak, Walnut or Cherry and comes with a red, black, blue or green background.

Holds 2 flags a  3'x5' flag or the large Burial flags 5'x9.5'

Mounting brackets is included with the Army Flag Frame.

Outside dimensions are 22"x 26" x 3" for the 2 Flag and Medal. 

Our Display two national banners or medals received in the army using this dual flag commemorative military frame.

This shadow box was built from solid Wood for a durable veteran tribute unit.

 Use the two sections of this commemorative military frame to honor Air Force  Army, Navy,  Coast Guard or other service members with banners or collection of medals.

The plexiglass front of this display case will protect the memorabilia inside and the rear loading design allows you to easily insert items.

This shadow box has hooks attached to the back for wall mounting

Customize your memorial case with medal collections or national banners for the ideal tribute to veterans.

Barcode: 659821266005

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