3ft X 5ft Us Nylon Flag By Valley Forge

3ft X 5ft Us Nylon Flag By Valley Forge.

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3ft x 5ft US Nylon Flag by Valley Forge-These top quality durable nylon Valley Forge American flags are beautifully constructed with sewn stripes, embroidered stars, reinforced fly ends and nylon thread. This flag can be used outdoors and is designed to resist fading or fraying. For other sizes, types and lower cost nylon flags see Nylon American Flags. We offer 100 US Flag products. View list of 100 US flag products or display all 100 US flag products. Every day low, low price due to to the high volume of flags we sell every week Features: * Made of the finest Dupont nylon fabric, which resists fading or fraying. * They are specifically manufactured for outdoor use. * Beautifully constructed with Sewn stripes, Embroidered Stars! * Brass grommets attached to heavy canvas pole end (larger sizes have rope and thimbles) * Combines lustrous beauty with superior wearing quality and excellent fly-ability. * 100% American made Comparison table of prices, flag durability, appearance, Click here Attention If you live in a windy area and fly the flag 24/7, you should also consider our super tough spun polyester flags. This fabric is even more durable, but is heavier and requires more wind to "fly". We suggest the nylon for most situations, but the polyester is better for areas which are very windy. For nylon flags with a pole sleeve rather than grommets.