2 Certificates Flag Display case 2 Award Display Flag Case

2 Certificates Flag Display case 2 Award Display Flag Case.

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2 Awards / Certificates and Flag Display Case 

American Flag and 2 Certificates Cases Shadow box

Flag display cases with 2 certificate holder for 8 1/2 x 11 Certificates

Our 2 certificates or 2 Award Display Flag Case  will be able to showcase your military certificates and awards along with an American Flag.  

Our case can be made out of Cherry or Oak wood, and will have a museum quality Plexiglass to protect your flag and certificates from any sun damage.

The Military 2 Certificates and Flag display Case is an exact duplication for a case that we have created on behalf of several Generals in the United States armed forces.

Due to the high demand, we are releasing this case now to the public, with top of the line quality, that until now was reserved only for high ranking officials in the military. 

The 2 Certificates / or Award Flag Display Case is made out of the best wood available in the American Market.

The flag case is made out of real natural wood not the cheaper made composite woods that are sometimes sold as imitation "knock offs." 

Best of all, the 2 Award Display Case is Hand Made in USA by USA Veterans.   


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