Photo Flag and Medal Display Case, Flag and Photo Frame.

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Photo and Flag display cases with Photo and medal display

These flag display cases are a great way to honor a loved one that served in the Armed Forces. Being veterans ourselves, we love nothing more than to hear when these cases go to veterans and their families to honor their service. We take take take great pride in making them and will work with you to make it a great experience.

Our Flag and Certificate Case is specially designed to proudly display either a folded 3 X 5 American flag or a 5 X 9.5 American flag (burial flag).

It also has room to prominently display photos and medals.

Often times, when a flag is presented to honor a veteran, a certificate of authenticity is given. Our flag case is designed to make that certificate feature as prominently as the flag. The case also has room enough to include medals in your display, if you so desire.

Our flag and Photo case is made with real cherry wood, with a clear plexiglass front and a solid black, boarded back, which enables any displayed medals to stand out.

Our flag and photo display case comes in two specific sizes. The smaller of the two has the dimensions 26 1/8 X 20 ¾ X 1 9/16.This size will accommodate the regular 3 x 5 sized flag.

For the larger burial flag, we have enlarged the dimensions to 26 x 30 x 3.

The Flag and photo Case - Black Frame have a Museum quality Plexiglas that cover all the front part ( in addition to the museum quality Plexiglas that cover the certificate)  in order to protect your flag and certificated and or medallions 

Dimensions: if you have the 3x5 flag the case will be :  26 1/8 x 20 3/4" x 1 9/16