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Heirloom Personal Effects Chest - Army Service.

  • $1,229.99

The Heirloom Personal Effects Chest was originally commissioned by the United States Army. It is built to match the finest traditions of Army Services. Made with the finest grade of solid American real walnut wood and beautiful finish with top quality work, this footlocker is built to store and preserve your memorabilia and personal possessions and will hold military memorabilia.

  • It is Hand Made by veterans in North Carolina using 100% Sourced American Materials.
  • Solid Walnut Construction. Heirloom Walnut Finish.
  • Inlaid Branch Specific Solid Brass Medallion into Outer Lid.
  • Velcro Inner Lid Allows for Attachment of Medals or Photographs.
  • Fast shipping with secure buy. American Made for American Heroes.