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Flag Display Case for 4x6 flag - Walnut Finish.

  • $154.99

The 4x6 flag case Flag Display Case Series is simplicity at its best, allowing the flag to take center stage!
Features of the 4x6 flag case Series include:

Case will fit only for the 4x6 flag

  • Hand crafted from the finest Appalachian Hardwood and Solid Oak.
  • Available in a variety of beautiful finishes including a rich stained Walnut finish.
  • The case for sale is a walnut case only.
  • Sturdy Masonite backing.
  • 1/8" glass front.
  • Silk-screened paper flag front for displaying.
  • Depth between glass and velour is 2-3/8".
  • Made In America.

We offer the engraving plates for additional cost.

The flag case do not include any flag – the item for sale is only the flag case !

The case will Hold a 4x6 flag. And comes with the option to hung the case on the wall Or place it on a shelf. The 4x6 flag display case is Hand Made in the United states!!

Barcode: 761596973368