Flag Display case Combo Awards , Shadow Box

Flag Display case Combo Awards , Shadow Box

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Flag Display case Combo Awards & Shadow Box

Will fit for 3x5 flag

Only the best will do when it comes to holding and showcasing the flags and medals that honor our country’s service personnel, whether those in the US. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy, or police and firemen. Our Flag Display case Combo Awards & Shadow Box is made of finely crafted wood in either solid oak or walnut, a fitting tribute to those who have served our country so heroically. The Flag Display case Combo Awards & Shadow Box is perfect as an enduring gift for military servicemen and servicewomen and their families, perfect as a Navy display case, an Army display case, a Marine Corps display case, a Coast Guard display case, or an Air Force display case.

This case is ideal for displaying medals, memorabilia, certificates and a flag. Our shadow box units are made in the U.S.A., and inside the military flag display case is room enough to hold a 3 ft x 5 ft folded flag (flag is sold separately, see our Cotton American Flags). Constructed of only the finest solid oak or walnut, this case has a laminate panel back with hanger, an embossed 2 1/2-in. service emblem, crushed velvet background and a glass front. Optional personalized laser engraving is also available. The size of this case measures 18 inches wide x 20 inches tall.

The medal display area is lined with rich, black felt, which brings out the optimal visual quality of the awards, whether the medals are silver, nickel, gold or brass. Set against this luxurious case interior, medals are presented in the finest fashion, as they should be. The shadow box adds to the impressive presentation, a professional and prestigious display that will draw attention of all those who pass by.

US Air Force, US Army, US Coast Guard, US Marine Corps, US Navy Deluxe Combo Awards / Flag Shadow Box 18"W x 20"H x 3"D With Raised Mounting Surfaces


Solid Oak or Walnut Embossed 2 1/2" Service Emblem (included)
Laminate Panel Back w/ Hanger Crushed Velvet Background
Personalized Laser Engraving (optional) Inside Dimensions: 18W x 20H
Accepts Folded 3x5' Flag (optional)

Glass Front

Made in U.S.A

Please see below what a few of our clients used as a text for the engraved name plates!

All plates are laser engraved

And come with a gold lettering and a black background.

It is all done according to the military standard, with military fonts.

The name plates will come with a double side tape, for your convenience – so you can easily attached it to any flag case.

All name plates are shipped within the same day.

Barcode: 709260322036

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