Flag Case With Base For Tabletop Or Wall Mounting - Black

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Flag Case With Base For Tabletop Or Wall Mounting - Cherry

Military Flag Display Case with Stand - Cherry Finish

Military flag display cases, like a display for a national ensign, are ideal for a memorial presentation. These wooden military flag boxes protect a banner from dust and dirt, yet allow the keepsake gift to be viewed. These American flag cases have a triangular shape, so a national ensign folded in the standard fashion fits perfectly in the holder. The included pedestal adds height to the box and makes the display more visible when placed on a shelf. The American flag cases, also known as military shadow boxes, hold standard 3x5 flags. Custom made shadow boxes are unnecessary since a national ensign will fit perfectly within this unit. These shadow box displays, American flag cases can hang on walls or be placed on a mantel. The frame can lift off the base freely, allowing for a quick relocation of the display. These American flag cases that open from the back setup quick and easy. Simply turn the (4) plastic tabs and the backing pulls right off. A banner can then be placed inside, no special equipment needed.

These wood military flag display cases have neutral color that looks appropriate in almost any surrounding. The color is appropriate if displayed at a military burial. The American flag cases that have a pedestal make an excellent gift for a veteran. Commemorate a person's military service with these beautifully made shadow boxes. These American flag cases have sides that measure 3/4" thick. The quality of these frames ensures that this shadow box will last for a long time. The military shadow boxes are perfect for preserving the memory of a military career.

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