Cavalry Wall Tributes, Army Cavalry Wall Tributes

Cavalry Wall Tributes, Army Cavalry Wall Tributes

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One of the best ways to commemorate the service of the men and women who have donned the American uniform is by displaying something physical that family, friends and visitors can see and touch; something as solid in it’s display as the service it honors. The United States Cavalry Plaque is exactly what you’re looking for.

          This completely handmade, wooden craved wall décor is the perfect way to say “thank you” to your loved one or anyone else who has served in the United States Cavalry. Proudly displaying this piece of hand crafted artwork in your home, office or anywhere you spend your time is a gesture that will go a long way toward honoring your veteran, wherever he or she may be.

          The Cavalry  Wall Plaque is Completely handmade from start to finish, this collectible piece comes 12” in diameter in a truly unique 3D design. If you prefer a smaller variety, the plaque is also offered in a 9” diameter option. The United States Cavalry  emblem stands 1/4” off of the backboard, while the inner ring on which the text is printed stands 1/8” from the backboard. The staggering placement is what gives the 3D appearance.

          Our artist will cut each piece from imported Baltic Birch trees, then stain the plaque an Early American hue. The black background forces the completed piece into full view, raising the crest of the United States Cavalry to full prominence. Each level is layered, so the observer is looking through the cut out design of this intricately made piece.

          The plaque can be displayed anywhere you desire, and will be a proud reminder of your service man or woman. If you prefer to hang it on the wall, the plaque comes with a built in hanger on the back. Just set the nail in the wall, and you’re all set to honor your loved one for years to come.

          Our service men and women cannot be thanked and honored enough for their service to our great country. The United States Cavalry  Wall Plaque is one of the best ways to begin to try. Made in USA By Veterans, you can be sure that you’re getting the very best for our country’s very best.

Expertly laser cut, this wooden wall tribute is a great gift and award. The recipient will think of your generosity every time they see it proudly displayed on their wall at home or at work.

Tributes are approximately 12" Or 9” round and consist of layers of wood.

The base layer is painted, allowing character and depth.  Base tribute colors are available in Black, Blue, Red, or Green.   ~  ( we have found clocks,dogs and cats are best when using the black background.) 

The "middle ring" has a dark stain (red oak/Minwax)  accenting the text. 

If you do not see what you're looking for, in any of the categories listed below, please let us know, we still may be able to make it for you.