American Corner flag and medal display case, Fit 3 x 5 Flag or Fit 5 x 9.5 Casket Flag.

American Corner flag and medal display case, Fit 3 x 5 Flag or Fit 5 x 9.5 Casket Flag.

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This is not for the flag that was over the casket !!!

American Flag shadow box is designed to hold a 3’ X 5’ flag or 3' X 5' casket Flag. The shadow box has an Glass  front piece for a professional display. This shadow box is available in a variety of different finishes; Oak, Walnut, Cherry or Black. Pick your backer amongst official service fabric colors offered. Please see contact details for more information on pricing and quantities

Hand crafted with solid mahogany for beauty and durability. Ecologically-friendly, sustainable- source grade-A mahogany from strictly-regulated plantations where our mahogany is re-grown every year.
Our fine mahogany has a finish of premium, nitrocellulose based, quick-drying clear lacquer. Your choice of background colors! One for each branch of the military: Black for Army; Blue for Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard; and red for Marine Corps. Solid mahogany throughout. No laminates, veneers, or particle boards.
Plenty of room to display your precious mementos and memorabilia! They're then protected by a special UV-resistant Plexiglas face! Displays a standard 3x5 ft. flag or 3x5 ft flag. Easy medal placement: The back of the display case is lined with felt for easy mounting of medals and memorabilia. You can use Velcro or double-sided adhesive foam discs commonly found in crafts stores.
Crystal clear, shatter-proof Plexiglas panels that are 10 times stronger than glass yet 50 percent lighter. Offers superior protection and conservation of your medals and flags. Plexiglas panels have ultraviolet protection that is 1.7 times more effective than glass. Finished with a fine lacquer for protection of the mahogany and a lasting lustrous sheen. Easy access through the rear of the shadow box for simple placement of your flag and medals. Place it on a desk or shelf.
Dimensions: 23.5 in. wide, 18.5 in. high, 2.5 in. deep. Plenty of space for your engraved plate! It is Hand Made by veterans. American Made for American Heroes. Fast shipping with secure buy.

Size: 16" x 22" Overall


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