Air Force Retirement Gifts, USAF Shadow Box.

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Air Force Retirement Gifts

USAF Shadow Box, USAF flag and medal display frame

Great Air Force Retirement Gift

The Air Force Flags and medal display frame designed to resemble the blue, white and red stripe of a Air Force along with the boat flag added showing the USAF shield

Our Air Force Flag and medal display case

Holds two 3'x5' flags   ( you can put one Air force flag and One American flag, or any 2 flags as long as they are 3x5)

The Air force flag case is made out of premium wood

The Air force flag case have a museum quality plexi glass in the front.

The Air Force flag Display case is hand Made By : American Veterans

You can customizes the background of the flag case

We offer the USAF flag case in Oak walnut Or Cherry Wood

We Offer the Air force flag case in a larger version so it will fit for the burial flag as well.

Mounting bucket is included

Outside dimensions are 19.5" x 21.5"

Barcode: 695510311977

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