USMC NCO Sword Display Case, Sword Cases, Marine Sword frame

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USMC NCO Sword Display Case, Sword Cases, Marine  Sword frame

1 Sword Display Case Cabinet 

Our Marine Corps Sword Cases are all Hand Made by American veterans

Our Sword Cases are hand made in the USA, this Sword Case have a dutiful Cherry finish, and will preset your sword for generations With a glass front 

Top Quality Sword Display Case

Real Quality Wood

Glass front

Hand Made By Veterans

Fast shipping


Unit Weight: 18 lbs.

Dimensions: Outside: 45"W X 12"H X 6.00"D Inside: 44"W X 11"H X 5.25"D

Framing Material: Beech Hardwood

Door Cover: 98% UV Protection Rated Acrylic

Door Hardware: Locking Brass Latches

Background Material: Felt

Barcode: 685645671268

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