Flag Cases Accessories


If you are looking for flag case accessories like :


Pre Folded American Flag, American Flag Comes Folded 

The Folded American Flag - Comes Folded and ready to place in a flag case 

Folded American Flag, Pre folded American Flag

Pre folded American flag, Folded American Flag


Our American flag is Pre folded - Is Made in USA!!

Our folded American flag is Hand Folded by Veterans 

Our folded American flag will fir any flag display case

Our folded American flags are in stock and ready to ship

Our folded American flags are made out of Quality

Our  folded American flags  are made out of Top quality densely woven cotton with beautiful bright colors

Our Folded flags are  made with beautiful embroidered stars & sewn stripes

Our U.S. Interment Flags are made with embroidered stars, sewn stripes, brass grommets, and white headers.


All of our flags are Made in the USA.



At Flag Connections, we specialize in crafting fine display cases for United States Veterans and their families. When we set out to create each individual case by hand, we do so knowing that when they are finished, our customers will be thrilled with the way their medals, flags, certificates and ribbons will be displayed.

In addition to the flag displaying work we specialize in, the same attention to detail that goes into our cases also can be found in our 3-D Wall Tributes. The wood is carefully chosen and cut and shaped into a beautiful wall mount. They are available for all branches of the military and are made in 9” and 12” versions.