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American Flag with Pedestal Display Case

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American Flag And Pedestal Display Case

These beautiful Flag Display Cases are constructed from choice Appalachian Hardwood with an elegant Queen Anne Cherry finish, gold accent trim, sturdy masonite backing, and 1/8" glass front.  The Solid Wood base allows adequate room for a descriptive plate.  A silk-screened, paper, flag front is included for display.  The depth between the glass and masonite is 2 3/8".

Pedestal Display Case-236-A ( For 3x5 Flag )

  • Overall size:  20 1/2" W x 12 1/2" H x 4" D
  • Houses a 3' x 5' flag.
  • Plate shown is 2" x 6".
  • Also available without a base - Pedestal Display Case--236-A-TRI

Pedestal Display Case-236-B ( For 5x9.5 Flag - The flag that case from a military Funeral )

  • Overall size:  27 3/4" W x 16" H x 4" D
  • Houses a Memorial (5' x 9 1/2') flag.
  • Plate shown is 2" x 6".
  • Also available without a base

We hear from customers all the time who call or write to tell us how nicely their veteran’s flags look, displayed in our flag display cases. We’re always thrilled to hear it. We think honoring Veterans is the right thing to do, and we’re going to keep on doing it by creating and crafting the best display cases anywhere.

We want people to remember that serving in the Armed Forces, regardless of the branch, is one of the most honorable things any person can do for their country. On occasion, those in the service who deserve to be distinguished are given medals, certificates, ribbons, and sometimes flags as a token of appreciation from a grateful nation. We understand what it is to serve this country. Every craftsman employed to construct these beautiful display cases is a veteran of the United States Armed Forces. We put all of our creativity and craftsmanship squarely on the focus on honoring fellow soldiers and heroes.

When it comes to Flag Cases, these two Flag Display Cases are constructed with Choice Appalachian Hardwood with an elegant Queen Anne Finish, gold accent trim, sturdy Masonite backing, and a 1/8-inch glass front. The solid wood base allows plenty of room for an inscribed plate. There are two sizes from which to choose.

For Pedestal Display Case 236-A the overall size is 20 ½ “ W X 12 ½ H X 4” D. This one is made especially for the 3’ X 5’ Flag. The inside plate is 2”X6”. You can also get this one without the base. It’s just this fit you were looking for.

Unless, of course you have a larger flag to display. Memorial Flags are given at the funeral service to the families of the Veterans who have passed. These flags are 5’ X 9 ½’. Also available without the base, the Pedestal Display Case-236-B is as sturdy as it’s sister, made solidly with the same, chosen wood. It’s glass front has a pane that measures 2” X 6” and is exquisitely crafted.

It doesn’t take much to get a conversation started when friends and family see the way your displays are set up. Displaying an American Flag in honor of someone who has served in the United States Armed Forces is a beautiful thing. One look at that flag in its beautiful new resting place and you will see your loved ones anew. You will be the one to keep their memories alive by telling the stories that together made up who your loved ones were and the sacrifices their made to keep us all free.

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