Military Shadow Box Flag Display Case Medal Keepsake Box

Military Shadow Box Flag Display Case Medal Keepsake Box, Oak

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Ideal for use as military shadow box. This is a combination display case and shadow box. The black background is Velcro. You simply cut a small piece of the sticky back Velcro strip supplied and attach to the items you want to display. You can arrange and rearrange with ease and without the use of glue or pins. It comes with a removable wooden shelf. The bottom portion of the display case has removable foam to accommodate pins, badges, challenge coins, scouting, patches and military medals. You can remove the foam if you want to display items with more depth. The display case has hinged glass door and and door latch. No assembly required. Fits small 3'X 5' and 4'X 6' Flag only. Does not fit Burial Flag. Dimensions: 21"H X 14" W X 2.75" D Weight (net): 7 lbs Interior depth is 1.75" with foam removed.


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