Military Challenge Coins - Pyramid Coin Display.

Military Challenge Coins - Pyramid Coin Display.

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Military challenge coins are beautiful mementos of service and should be displayed with dignity in the home or office. They inspire confidence in achievement and build morale in a unit, small symbols of great pride and should not be tucked away in a drawer gathering dust.

This Pyramid coin display is an ideal way to showcase your pride in your unit or country.  Three grooved rows on four sides of a pyramid display made from the finest solid oak makes this coin display rack great for a desk, mantel, coffee table or show off it and the coins beauty on a pedestal. A great gift for a veteran or coin collector.

Made in the USA, this wooden display rack can hold approximately 50 coins (depending on challenge coin size) and can rotate fully (similarly to a lazy Susan) so all angles of the coins can be enjoyed with a gentle push. 

And at 9” (height) x 9” (width) x 3 3/8” it’s

a great centerpiece or accent to any room of the home or office.