Flag Connections 98% UV Protection - Baseball/Football/Basketball/Soccer/Hockey

Flag Connections 98% UV Protection - Baseball/Football/Basketball/Soccer/Hockey

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Hand made from imported Australian beech wood. This furniture grade Jersey/Uniform Display case is of beautiful design and construction, very detailed and attractive, but also very affordable. Perfect for displaying any type of sports jerseys. Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Hockey etc etc.

Display case comes standard with 98% UV acrylic door, protects your item from fading. A must have if you have autographed memorabilia going inside. The door frame includes heavy duty lockable latches with keys. This will give your case a little extra security and keep unwanted dust from your prized items.

Display case has a acid free black felt lining inside. Giving you great contrast to your item. The background on the case is pinnable, allowing you to pin your item down if you choose to. Or attach other misc items, like pennants, photos, ticket stubs, etc etc. Display case is setup to attach either vertically or horizontally, giving you the flexibility you need to display your items either direction.

Case comes fully assembled. Unit Weight: 12 lbs. Dimensions: 31.5"H X 23.5"W X 2"D (items inside case shown not included)