Flag and Certificate Case, Document Flag Case for 3x5' Flag

Flag and Certificate Case, Document Flag Case for 3x5' Flag

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This Flag and Certificate Case is available in either a solid oak display case or walnut flag display case. These flag display cases are designed to beautifully display both a folded flag and other memorabilia in one convenient place.

We offer five different styles to suit most needs for displaying your flag and other important display items, such as U.S. military awards, war medals, public service awards or even a family keepsake. Three of the five available display case styles are available in two sizes: one for a 3ft x 5ft flag and one for a 5ft x 9.5ft flag. All case styles have our normal choice of background fabric, and complete care instructions are provided.

These solid oak and walnut Flag and Certificate Case come with actual service uniform fabrics, not imitations, so you can rest assured that the fabric you receive in your case will be perfect for your branch of service. Even the wood is authentic – we do not stain our wood to create any type of appearance. What you see is what you get, in rich red oak or walnut, and we prefer to finish it with a clear coat to enhance the beautiful grain and preserve the natural color of the wood.

For those who want to display more than just one flag, this wonderful Flag and Certificate Case addition to a corner in your home or office is a keepsake for multiple purposes. The combinations of flag and other type of memento are virtually endless.

Use this Flag and Certificate Caseas a military branch display case, a memorial flag display case, a burial flag display case or a police flag or firefighter flag display case. Whatever the end use, this attractive flag display case, roomy enough for double use as a flag and special keepsake display, is perfect gift for police, fire and military servicemen and servicewomen and their families.